All COC products have a one-year warranty from the date of shipment.The COC app can read the serial number of the QR codes on the bearings and will register the bearing. The inventory information is available for your reorders as well.

The one-year warranty is extended for one additional year for all COC products when you register using the QR code. Registered COC products actually have a two-year warranty.


Connect from anywhere.
Scan the QR code on the housing with your phone. You can check the dimensions and installation videos on the website.

Our QR code label on the housing is durable and resists temperatures up to 600℃ (1,112°F).

Coming in September

The CS insert has a concentric locking collar and nylon patched setscrews at 90° providing extra holding power.


CS Insert

COC double-row spherical roller bearings have a unique sealing design that protects from contaminants. This triple-lip full contact seal has low friction and maintains full contact even misaligned as below. The corrosion resistant stainless steel flinger protects the seal. It’s extremely effective for dirty and wet environments.

3000 hour Dust Protection Test

  • COC SEALS (NO DAMAGE) 100% 100%
  • COMPETITORS’ NON MISALIGNED SEALS (stopped at 900 hours) 30% 30%

Labyrinth seals without rubber lips are available for higher speeds and temperatures. Labyrinth seals reduce operating temperatures at higher speeds.



Our lithium complex grease has good EP & AW,  water resistance and anti-oxygenic properties. It has also good shear stability. It can be used for a wide temperature range from -20°C (-4°F) to +160°C (+320°F), and up to +200°C (+392°F) for short periods.


CROSSLOC™ is the easiest way to mount and dismount the adapter sleeve.
Just tighten the cap screws as seen below. It requires only a hex key. No feeler gauges are required.

The adapter sleeve is the best way to lock onto the shaft because it doesn’t create any damage on the shaft and holds concentrically even with undersized shafting. CROSSLOC™ contacts the most shaft area, more than any other locking system. The full contact of the adapter sleeve reduces vibration.


Recommended Shaft Tolerances

CROSSLOC™ accomodates undersized shafting.

Vibrating Conveyor

SN Plummer Block Unit for a new era


CROSSLOC™ spherical roller bearing with two bolt SN dimension pillow block housing.

CX2SN is 100% compatible with standard SN plummer block products. It is shaft ready, factory assembled and fully lubricated. It can be mounted six times faster than standard SN plummer blocks.



  • Cost of classic SN (Total of Plummer Block + SRB + Adapter + Locating Ring + Seals + lubricant) 78% 78%
  • Cost of CROSSLOC™ SN (One piece complete unit of sealed bearing with CROSSLOC™) 100% 100%
  • Skilled Labour Cost of Mounting classic SN (Assembling parts and installing adapter sleeve with lubricant) 25% 25%
  • Cost of Mounting CROSSLOC™ SN (Tightening Cap Screws without skills) 3% 3%
  • Skilled Labour Cost of Dismounting classic SN (Disassembling parts, cleaning lubricant and uninstalling adapter sleeve) 21% 21%
  • Cost of Dismounting CROSSLOC™ SN (Un-tightening Cap Screws without skills) 2.5% 2.5%


  • SN517 Plummer Block Unit (500 g) 100% 100%
  • CROSSLOC™ CX2SN17-075 (132 g) 26% 26%

Using less oil helps the environment.


  1. KF

    Question: how can you control the radial play when using your mounting system – especially when using it at higher temperatures or for high request on axial forces? The systems seems a step backword from Z-Lock ☹


      We have the torque chart of cap screws. You can check that on your smartphone as well. Usually you can tighten them by hand until you feel the end and that’s very much good enough. The standard clearance of CX insert is C3 and that will change to CN after the mount. If you need the bigger clearance for your application, you may need to consider the seals and grease as well.
      Z-Lock like SKWEZLOC holds small area of inner ring and requires good tolerance shafts. Z-Lock SN insert is one size smaller than standard SN plummer block. It’s not 100% compatible. CROSSLOC™ is a step forward from Z-Lock. 😊


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Set screw collar lock spherical roller bearing with two bolt pillow block housing.
Drop-in interchange with Dodge S2000 P2B


Set screw collar lock spherical roller bearing with four bolt flange housing.
Drop-in interchange with Dodge S2000 F4S


Set screw collar lock spherical roller bearing with piloted flange cartridge housing.
Drop-in interchange with Dodge S2000 FC


Steel end cover protect against shaft damage and increases the safety at high running speeds.